Black Buddha Stutue (Luang phor Dum)
    Luang phor Dum is the black stone Buddha statue height 69 inches, width 60 inches. It was only one perfect buddha statue which safe from the enemy who attacked and destroyed India country in 1742 B.E.

    The people poured a liquid herb on Luang phor Dum and took back to pour on their kids then they got healthy soon. Most people called Luang phor Dum because it made of black stone.

    Because of the powerful holy Buddha statue, many people make a wish and they succeed whatever they have prayed.

    Buddhangkura Buddhist Temple was offered the Luang phor Dum copy model of the real one from monks and lay people in Thailand on 15th December 2005. The committees agree to organize The Grand Opening Buddha Statue Ceremony .
As the end of ceremony it will establish at Buddhangkura Buddhist Temple which be memorable Buddhist faith have come at temple to worship and pay respect.
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